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Catalog Speak: What Do You Mean By “Closed Stacks?”

A man consults a card catalog in the Bibliographic Center of the Denver Public Library, 1947. X-27952
Denver Public Library catalog record

Hooray! You’ve found the book you need in the Denver Public Library catalog!

The Western History & Genealogy Department: Everything You Always Wanted to Know (But Were Afraid to Ask)

Gates Reading Room, Western History and Genealogy Department.

Have you ever wondered what's on the fifth floor of DPL's Central Library? Take a short video tour!

You've been to the Movies & Music Room. You've been to the Community Technology Center.

Microfilm scanners are here!

Microfilm scanners are here!

 We have new microform readers!  Let’s get digital.

Big news: the Western History & Genealogy department is now home to several new microfilm/microfiche scanners.  These machines are great.

Weird Photo Wednesdays

Weird Photo Wednesdays

Strange, weird and unusual photographs from our Digital Collections.

Welcome to Weird Photo Wednesdays! With over 84,000+ images in the WHG Digital Collections, you would think that we would have a few weird and strange photographs, right? Well, we do!