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Which Denver Public School is this?

Mystery solved for old Denver Public School

Did you go to Columbine school?

This photo in the Denver Public Library Western History Collection bears a stamp on the back which reads Information Services, Denver Public Schools.

Creating West Colfax

West Colfax Welcome Sign (Denver, Colorado)
Stuart Street Historic District (West Colfax, Denver, Colorado
Western Hills Motel, West Colfax neighborhood (Denver, Colorado)

As part of the Creating Communities project here at DPL we are scanning materials in the library’s archive and using these materials to tell the story of neighborhoods in the

Creating Communities project

Have you walked around your neighborhood lately?

Have you ever wondered about its history, famous events, or famous people that might have even lived on your block?

Tough Times?

Not So Much...

What's news if it isn't bad?  The economy, world strife, general unrest-- pains in the neck to be sure.  But let's  take a historical look through some perspective-changing lenses.