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Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn

Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1941
Lobby and court room, Blue Parrot Inn. By John T. Bartlett, ca. 1930 (X-29495)
Postcard, ca. 1928
Denver Dining of Yore: Blue Parrot Inn
Blue Parrot Inn menu, 1926

Learn more about a Denver restaurant where diners were greeted by a chatty, feathered hostess.

The Blue Parrot Inn, 1718 Broadway, appeared on the Denver dining scene in the early 1920s (the 1923 Denver city directory is the first to note it).

Found In the Archives: Baur’s Candy Recipes

Candymaking at Baur's, ca. 1942
Night view of 1512 Curtis Street, between 1910-1920
Candymaking at Baur's, ca. 1942
Recipe for Egg Lemonade (*consume at your own risk!)

Classic Recipes From What Was Once A Denver Institution

One of the more unconventional items in the Western History & Genealogy Department’s archives is the

A Fashionable Life: Gretchen Weber Johnson

Fashion illustrations by Gretchen Weber, n.d. C72-15
Gretchen Weber, 1937 (taken from The Denver Post)
Fashion illustrations by Gretchen Weber, n.d. C72-18

You may have heard of Vogue's Anna Wintour, but do you know the Denver Post fashion editor, writer, and illustrator who dictated Denver fashion for nearly 40 years?

In July 1958, Gretchen Weber was among the two hundred newspaper women in New York City scouting out couture collections for her fall 1958 fashion report.

Denver's Dinner with Charles Lindbergh, 1927

Front cover of Lindbergh dinner menu, 1927
Feast fit for Charles Lindbergh, 1927
Cosmopolitan Hotel, Denver, circa 1926. L. C. McClure Collection, MCC-2831
Advertisement for Original Manitou Pale Dry Champagne, 1927

What does one serve when Lucky Lindy drops in for a bite?

According to a 1927 Denver Post article, Colonel Charles Lindbergh did not like to eat in his airplane—even during very long trips. He claimed to not desire food when flying.

The Great White Way of America


Denver’s Curtis Street Theater District and its Glittering Past

As early as 1873, Curtis Street in Denver was “the place to go” for theatrical entertainment.

The Art of Exploration

CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XX
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII
CG4311 1877.U5 1881 Sheet XVII

Historic Hayden Survey of the West Goes Digital

The storied Hayden Geological Survey of 1871 not only vastly expanded our knowledge of the American West with a detailed and precise atlas of the territory, it joined the talents of some of the gre

Details, Details, Fascinating Details

Shepherd and Lambs

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Community Tuesday - Living Local at Four Mile Historic Park

Vintage underclothing
Four Mile Living Local Event 2013
Bobbin Lace Making
Vendors and wagon ride

I do have to say, it was a very blustery, windy Sunday

Two weeks ago we were at the Living Local event at the Four Mile Historic Park.  This annual event celebrates personal reliance and sustainability in the urban setting.  It has many inter

Architectural Drama in the Queen City of the Plains


Modern Then, Iconic Now

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