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Acquisitions Highlight

We are privleged here at WHG to have a large number of community members who sing our praises and help us bring in collections.

Some of these individuals are on one of our two Acquisitions Committees, while others assist us independently.

Bill Hosokawa Papers

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Susan Boatright, daughter of famed Japanese author and journalist Bill Hosokawa (1915-2008).

Hosokawa first donated his personal papers to the library in 1985, but, in the last year and a half since he passed away, Susan has gone through his belongings and discovered many more papers to ad


I always enjoy surprise visits, and a couple of weeks ago I received a surprise visit from not just one person, but an entire family in town for a reunion.

They were the family of Edward W. Milligan, a prominent Denverite who, among other achivements, proposed and sponsored the creation of the Denver Municipal Flag. Mr.

Papers and Paintings and Sculptures (Oh My!)

I recently had the occasion to meet a fascinating figure in Denver history: Judge H. Ted Rubin.

Judge Rubin invited me to his home in Boulder to look at the materials he has kept from his judicial and political career in Denver.

Donors Make it Happen

I was sitting at my desk today wondering what I should blog about when I received a phone call from our reference desk saying that a donor was here to see me.

Who might that be, I wondered, since I wasn't expecting anybody.

Acquisitions Highlight: Rocky Mountain Women's Institute

Western History and Genealogy receives donations to its Archives Collection regularly and from a wide array of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Of recent note is our acquisition of the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute records.

Collection Development in a New Millennium

How many times have you heard Denver described as a “cow town”?

It’s a phrase that evokes many images, and while Denverites do take pride in the prevalence of Western wear and friendly demeanors abounding in their city, Denver is not at all the dull, unso

Think Before You Toss

By far the most frequent comment I get when I approach people about donating their papers or records to the library is: "I never thought anyone would be interested in my old stuff. I was just going to throw it away."

Not so fast!