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Tis the Season...

From "Park Hill Topic" newsletter October 13, 1933.
From "Park Hill Topic" newsletter October 13, 1933.
A football player poses in uniform near a house in Denver, Colorado. circa 1900
During a football game on Main Street Breckenridge circa 1900
circa 1903
circa 1910
Football squad Durango High School, Durango, Colo. circa 1930
Little American Football League in a gym in Denver, Colorado.  circa 1950

Want to know what a real circus is? Just go to a football game.

With the holidays in full swing I’ve realized that we as a country have developed unique traditions during this time of year.  Sure our holidays are still centered around family, friends

The Legend of Nettie Moore

The Legend of Nettie Moore
The Legend of Nettie Moore

 Sometimes finding a treasure is really more a matter of stumbling than strategic planning!


Creating West Colfax

West Colfax Welcome Sign (Denver, Colorado)
Stuart Street Historic District (West Colfax, Denver, Colorado
Western Hills Motel, West Colfax neighborhood (Denver, Colorado)

As part of the Creating Communities project here at DPL we are scanning materials in the library’s archive and using these materials to tell the story of neighborhoods in the

Let Us Entertain You

Exterior view of the Palace Theatre on 15th & Blake Streets in Denver circa 1885
"Hotel Metropole" and "Restaurant" written over front entrances.
Interior view of the Broadway Theatre circa 1900
View of 18th (Eighteenth) and California Streets in Denver, Colorado
Interior view of the Denham Theatre crica 1915
Signs read: "The Old Timers Hang Out," and "Eva Lang and the Denham Players."
"Harry Huffman's Tabor Now Musical Comedy," "F & C Shoes,"...
Interior view of the Tabor Theatre circa 1925

Another interesting aspect to the “amusements” in Denver were...

On a recent trip to my hometown in the Sierra Nevada’s I realized that I have become way too reliant on technology for entertainment.  I have to admit that I was very lost without a wireless c

Adventures in the Wild West

Just a little taste of some of the people that roamed the streets of Denver
Just a little taste of some of the people that roamed the streets of Denver
The streets of early Denver

What makes the Wild West really Wild?

When I think of the American West I often think of the ever so popular westerns of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  I have a mental picture of a cowboy wearing an oddly colored fringe shirt

A Rose by Any Other Name..

The Colorado Historical Society reserves all rights to its material.

Names are more than just meanings they are identities.

I was pondering the other day what exactly makes up a name.  We all know the quote from Romeo and Juliet “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  However, I beg to di

So much to tell, so little time...


Creating Communities project

Have you walked around your neighborhood lately?

Have you ever wondered about its history, famous events, or famous people that might have even lived on your block?