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Presentation: Researching and Restoring Your Historical Building

Historic home

Saturday, September 18, 2010, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Central Library, Training Room - Level 7

Nancy Widmann, John P. Olson and Bruce Hanson will present a lecture about Denver architecture, regional preservation organizations and the resources they provide. Also included in the presentation will be a workshop that will guide participants through the process of researching the history of Denver buildings.

The lecture will begin in the Central Library's, Level 7 Training Room and continue into the Western History & Genealogy, Building

House History Anyone?

Bruce Hanson axplains nuances of house hunting

WHG staff got the inside information on locating a home or business at the Denver Public Library from Bruce Hanson at a recent staff meeting.

Bruce Hanson passed along some of the house history expertise he has acquired in the past 18 years to other members of the staff of the Western History/Genealogy Department of the Denver Public Lib

Which Denver Public School is this?

Mystery solved for old Denver Public School

Did you go to Columbine school?

This photo in the Denver Public Library Western History Collection bears a stamp on the back which reads Information Services, Denver Public Schools.

Creating Communities project

Have you walked around your neighborhood lately?

Have you ever wondered about its history, famous events, or famous people that might have even lived on your block?