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Nineteenth Century in Arizona

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What did they do when the snakes bit?

The W.H. Kelley collection, WH1627, consists of a handwritten looseleaf journal.  Conveniently, it also contains a typewritten transcription.


LARASA website photograph

 They've been working on it for forty-five years.

 The Latin American Research and Service Agency (LARASA, WH1842) contains papers documenting the struggle to improve life in Colorado for the Latino community.

Papers and Paintings and Sculptures (Oh My!)

I recently had the occasion to meet a fascinating figure in Denver history: Judge H. Ted Rubin.

Judge Rubin invited me to his home in Boulder to look at the materials he has kept from his judicial and political career in Denver.

Confessions of a History Major...

Memorial to Camp Alva Adams
Members of Colorado's Infantry
Members of Colorado's Infantry

Colorado soldiers and the Philippine-American War...learning more about what I don't know about Colorado history!

Working on the Creating Communities project has given me the opportunity to explore lesser-known (at least to me!) aspects of Colorado’s neighborhood histories.

Best of the Box: Mildred Biddick

Golden Gate Bridge etching into a sheet of celluloid with a sharp tool by Mildre

For the second installment of Best of the Box, I found a lovely box full of beautiful pieces of art. Discovered in one tiny acid-free box is our Mildred Biddick collection.

The collection includes two scrapbooks of original Christmas cards designed by Mildred Biddick, a copy of her 1933 Master's Thesis, Colorado & Regionalism, newspaper clippings of her w

Donors Make it Happen

I was sitting at my desk today wondering what I should blog about when I received a phone call from our reference desk saying that a donor was here to see me.

Who might that be, I wondered, since I wasn't expecting anybody.

Best of the Box: Postcards!

Postcard from collection WH816
Nurse Postcard

Working in the scanning lab here at the Denver Public Library, I get to see and digitize a lot of beautiful materials.

My background is in art and design, so while my co-workers love to learn all about the materials and the history behind them, my favorite part is admiring the design.

A Rose by Any Other Name..

The Colorado Historical Society reserves all rights to its material.

Names are more than just meanings they are identities.

I was pondering the other day what exactly makes up a name.  We all know the quote from Romeo and Juliet “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  However, I beg to di

Acquisitions Highlight: Rocky Mountain Women's Institute

Western History and Genealogy receives donations to its Archives Collection regularly and from a wide array of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Of recent note is our acquisition of the Rocky Mountain Women's Institute records.

Collection Development in a New Millennium

How many times have you heard Denver described as a “cow town”?

It’s a phrase that evokes many images, and while Denverites do take pride in the prevalence of Western wear and friendly demeanors abounding in their city, Denver is not at all the dull, unso