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Acquisitions Spotlight: Additions to Existing Collections

I've written before about some of the new collections that have been donated to Western History and Genealogy, but also important are the many donations of additional material to exisiting collections that come in.

In recent months, we've received additional material for our collections on the Colorado Archaeology Society, Colorado Cattlewomen, Colorado Council of Professional Archaeologists, Colorado Symphon

Caring, Imagination and Persistence

Library donated by Women's Auxiliary
1945 - Marines after Iwo Jima in traveling library donated by Women's Auxiliary

When they decided to help, nothing stopped them.

Our archives act as a time machine allowing us to view the past from many different perspectives.

Tis the Season...

From "Park Hill Topic" newsletter October 13, 1933.
From "Park Hill Topic" newsletter October 13, 1933.
A football player poses in uniform near a house in Denver, Colorado. circa 1900
During a football game on Main Street Breckenridge circa 1900
circa 1903
circa 1910
Football squad Durango High School, Durango, Colo. circa 1930
Little American Football League in a gym in Denver, Colorado.  circa 1950

Want to know what a real circus is? Just go to a football game.

With the holidays in full swing I’ve realized that we as a country have developed unique traditions during this time of year.  Sure our holidays are still centered around family, friends

Best of the Box: Theodora Mussey Scrapbook

Theodora Mussey scrapbook cover
Pike's Peak cog wheel route flier
Santa Fe Route flier
Garden of the Gods postcard
"Let us begin at the top of the page" illustration
New Antlers Hotel in Colorado Springs poster
First Baptist Church program

For this week's long overdue Best of the Box, I discovered a lovely scrapbook by Theodora Mussey, a piano teacher at the University of Denver. Compiled between 1900 and 1902, the Mussey scrapbook contains a number of clippings including programs from Denver music recitals and concerts, church bulletins, invitations and travel memorabilia.

You can check have a look at the Denver Public Library's catalog record for this item here

Which Denver Public School is this?

Mystery solved for old Denver Public School

Did you go to Columbine school?

This photo in the Denver Public Library Western History Collection bears a stamp on the back which reads Information Services, Denver Public Schools.

Acquisitions Highlight

We are privleged here at WHG to have a large number of community members who sing our praises and help us bring in collections.

Some of these individuals are on one of our two Acquisitions Committees, while others assist us independently.

Civil War photo identified

We now know the identify of this photo

We now know where this photo was taken? (click on it to enlarge)

This photgraph is in the Pratt/Magee Family collection (WH636). It was taken during the civil war and that the wagons in the foreground are ambulances.

Bill Hosokawa Papers

Last week I had the privilege of meeting Susan Boatright, daughter of famed Japanese author and journalist Bill Hosokawa (1915-2008).

Hosokawa first donated his personal papers to the library in 1985, but, in the last year and a half since he passed away, Susan has gone through his belongings and discovered many more papers to ad


I always enjoy surprise visits, and a couple of weeks ago I received a surprise visit from not just one person, but an entire family in town for a reunion.

They were the family of Edward W. Milligan, a prominent Denverite who, among other achivements, proposed and sponsored the creation of the Denver Municipal Flag. Mr.

Adventures in the Wild West

Just a little taste of some of the people that roamed the streets of Denver
Just a little taste of some of the people that roamed the streets of Denver
The streets of early Denver

What makes the Wild West really Wild?

When I think of the American West I often think of the ever so popular westerns of the 1950’s and 1960’s.  I have a mental picture of a cowboy wearing an oddly colored fringe shirt