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This Old House: Denver’s Adolph Zang Mansion

Adolph Zang Mansion, January 1977. By History Colorado, Office of Archaeology and Historic Preservation. 5DV177OAHP
Adolph Zang Family, between 1886 and 1901. By Rose & Hopkins. H-112
Zang Brewery Company Stables, November 27, 1977. Demolished in 1983. X-23904

Do you ever wonder about the past lives of old Denver mansions?

At 709 Clarkson Street sits a brick and stone Neo-Classical Revival mansion that once belonged to brewery magnate

Denver’s Albany Hotel (1885-1976)

Exterior of the Albany Hotel by William Henry Jackson, undated. WHJ-10343.
Albany Hotel menu cover showing the exterior of the hotel after Burnham Hoyt's renovations, 1946. WH1590
New Year's Day menu at the Albany Hotel, 1891. WH1590

A Denver Hotel Built On A Croquet Field, Demolished For An Office Building

In 1882, architect E. P.

Architectural Drama in the Queen City of the Plains


Modern Then, Iconic Now

Our vast photo database is filled with treasures of every flavor.

Manuscript Monday: Denver's first house?

Manuscript Monday: Denver's first house?
Manuscript Monday: Denver's first house?
Manuscript Monday: Denver's first house?

There are conflicting accounts of who built the first “house” in Denver.  This week’s collection highlights Anselm Holcomb Barker, thought to have built the first permanent house in the city.  What do you think?


Anselm Holcomb Barker, born 1822, was an Ohio native.  Early in his life he was a blacksmith, and later became a businessman.

Which Denver Public School is this?

Mystery solved for old Denver Public School

Did you go to Columbine school?

This photo in the Denver Public Library Western History Collection bears a stamp on the back which reads Information Services, Denver Public Schools.

Let Us Entertain You

Exterior view of the Palace Theatre on 15th & Blake Streets in Denver circa 1885
"Hotel Metropole" and "Restaurant" written over front entrances.
Interior view of the Broadway Theatre circa 1900
View of 18th (Eighteenth) and California Streets in Denver, Colorado
Interior view of the Denham Theatre crica 1915
Signs read: "The Old Timers Hang Out," and "Eva Lang and the Denham Players."
"Harry Huffman's Tabor Now Musical Comedy," "F & C Shoes,"...
Interior view of the Tabor Theatre circa 1925

Another interesting aspect to the “amusements” in Denver were...

On a recent trip to my hometown in the Sierra Nevada’s I realized that I have become way too reliant on technology for entertainment.  I have to admit that I was very lost without a wireless c

Who Designed Your House?

Who Designed Your House?

Curious about the architect of your house? During the past several years, we inventoried the architectural plans created by Colorado architects so these plans will be available for the public. With a grant from the State Historical Fund from the Colorado Historical Society we published the guides to the architects records online.