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Camp Amache

Camp Amache

WHG Intern Kayla O'Grady is our Guest Writer!

Kayla O'Grady is a history intern from the University of Colorado-Denver, working in WHG this summer on various projects.

"Martial Law Declared As Texas Riots Kill Two"

Rocky Mountain News Headlines
Shipyard Workers, Beaumont, Texas
Angry Sailors
Beaumont, Texas, 1943
Beaumont, Texas, 1943
Jim Crow: Legalized Racism
Beaumont, Texas, 1943
Detroit Riots, 1943

Beaumont, Texas June 17, 1943

In World War II, Beaumont, Texas had become an industrial boom town, with its factories and shipyards busily engaged in providing for the U.S. Military in its battle against Hitler and Japan.