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Tom Hallewell

Twin Sisters: African-American Poet Wanda Coleman And Punk Icon Exene Cervenka

Beef. V. 16, N. 18-19, Spring-Summer 1986. San Francisco.

What do award winning Los Angeles poet Wanda Coleman and punk icon Exene Cervenka have to do with one another, and why are they being featured in a blog for the Western History and Genealogy Depart

Tom "Headbanger" Hallewell: A Punk Rock Archive at Your Public Library

Big Takeover. Jack Rabid. New York: December 1982, V. III, Issue IV
Frantix, Denver Concert Flyer, circa 1982
Husker Du, Denver concert flyer, circa 1982
Meat Puppets and The Fluid, Denver concert flyer, circa 1982

Tom “Headbanger” Hallewell was an influential figure in Denver’s early punk scene.