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A 1913 Hotel Review

Field & Farm Hotel Review 1913

How did anyone know what accommodations to book or avoid before the days of online hotel reviews? The newspaper! Read on for the sharing of one intrepid traveler's hilariously bad hotel experience in 1913. 

With summer here, many among us are scouring travel sites to seek out reviews of the best hotels.

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow

It looks like funny cat photos were popular long before LOLCats was an Internet meme.

While Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter weren't yet around, the Rocky Mountain News was already posting social media-worthy "interesting pictures" throughout the want ads pages.

155 Years Ago Today: The Rocky Mountain News’ First Issue

Portrait of William Newton Byers, between 1859 & 1863. Z-4887
View of the Rocky Mountain News and surrounding buildings, between 1860 & 1864. Z-1520
Copy of Rocky Mountain News Dated April 23, 1859, by Harry Mellon Rhoads. Rh-21

The first issue of the Rocky Mountain News was published April 23, 1859—mere days afte