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The Influenza Pandemic of 1918 in Colorado

St. Louis Red Cross Motor Corps on duty Oct. 1918 Influenza epidemic. Courtesy of Library of Congress Prints & Photographs.
Description of Leadville during the 1918 pandemic. From History of Influenza Outbreak (1918) in Colorado, C MSS -M1208
Influenza Mortality Table for Leading Cities published in "Denver Municipal Facts," November 1918.

Need Motivation For A Flu Shot? A Killer Pandemic Turns 95

In 1918, a powerful strain of influenza (nicknamed “Spanish Flu” and “La Grippe”) spread swiftly throughout the world.

WHG contributes to flu research

Denver County Hospital

One-stop-shop for the 1918-1919 Inflenza Epidemic

The University of Michigan Center for the History of Medicine has recently launched an on-line, primary resource clearinghouse for documents related to the early 20th century flu epidemic in Americ