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Advice for Saving Flood-Damaged Family Treasures

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Your flood damaged treasures can still be saved!

As the threat of flash flooding persists in Colorado, residents in affected towns and cities are being urged to seek higher ground.

Photo Archive Friday

Car Lot on West Alameda
Fllod Battered W. Evans Bridge across Platte
W. Alemeda - west of the river

Rain, Rain, Please go away

OK, I know that I am not the only one in Colorado that feels this way. We had more than our share of rain in the last 4 days, with more to come this weekend.

Photo Archive Friday

Big Thompson Flood 1976 Aerial
Flood damage
washed out road
car stranded in rushing water
new warning signs

This week was the 37th Anniversary of the Big Thompson Flood

The 37th Anniversary of the Big Thompson Flood of 1976, the most deadly flash flood in Colorado history, was observed on Wednesday.