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Dalies Frantz: Denver’s Titan of the Keyboard
Concert program, Denver, February 10, 1936. WH305
Camp Amache
Camp Amache
WHG Intern Kayla O'Grady is our Guest Writer!
Fictitious Entries – Hunting for Paper Towns
How to Lie with Maps
One perk of my job is that I’m constantly learning new things, usually thanks to being asked questions by library users. This week I had a really fun interaction that started with one of my favorite reference questions to date!
1964 class photo poster found
1964 class photo poster
Happy 50th Reunion! 
History Colorado Ticket Giveaway!
History Colorado Ticket Giveaway!
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The Lillybridges Of Summer
Simple Pleasures, When Denver was a Quiet Little Town
Found In The Archives: Baby Shoes for Hilda, 1898
Baby shoes, box, and note card, 1898. From May-D & F Records (C MSS WH222)
A 1913 Hotel Review
Field & Farm Hotel Review 1913
How did anyone know what accommodations to book or avoid before the days of online hotel reviews? The newspaper! Read on for the sharing of one intrepid traveler's hilariously bad hotel experience in 1913. 
Weird Photo Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
Weird Photo Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014
Happy Weird Photo Wednesday and Independence Day!
Boldly Go Where Everyone Else Has Been Before
"We Will Ride" Plaque Colfax and Broadway
When I think about Independence Day, I normally think about the 4th of July with picnics, fireworks and parades. A few weeks ago, I met with members of ADAPT (American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today) and the Atlantis Community and they told me that this Saturday was the 36th anniversary of a important day in Denver history.